iPad Download Instructions

All you need is an Hamilton Public Library card, an email address, a device that meets system requirements, a free app and Internet access.


First, install OverDrive Media Console App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

From your device…
Go to the App StoreSM.
Tap ‘Search’ and type ‘OverDrive Media Console.’
Choose ‘OverDrive Media Console’ app for either iPad or iPhone. Click ‘Install.’
Once downloaded, tap OverDrive Media Console app to open.

Next, authorize the device with your Adobe ID

In OverDrive Media Console App, enter your Adobe ID if you have one.
If not, tap ‘Register at Adobe.com.’ Follow the instructions to sign up for an Adobe ID, completing required fields (*). Important: Record your Adobe ID and password you created for future use with other devices.
Click ‘Authorize.’
Type email address and password for your new Adobe account.
Tap ‘Authorize.’

Then, search for, checkout and download eBooks!
Click ‘Get eBooks.’
Click ‘Add a Library.’
Type ‘Hamilton Public Library,’ then tap ‘Search.’
Select Hamilton Public Library from list.
Click ‘Advanced Search’ (upper right).
In the Formats field, choose EPub eBook.
Click ‘Show only titles with copies available,’ if you want something to check out immediately. Otherwise leave box unchecked to find all available titles, including those with waiting lists.
Click ‘Search.’
Narrow your search using options on the left or click on a book cover.
Click on Borrow. (If the eBook is not available, click on Place a Hold, enter your email address and wait to be notified that it is ready. You will have 2 days after you receive email notification to borrow the eBook.)
Click on Download (next to the book cover), choose EPub eBook.
Click Confirm & Download. A pop-up window will appear.
Choose Open with Adobe Digital Editions.
Click on OK.
Click on Bookshelf to open the eBook.
Tap the book cover to open it. The eBook automatically expires at the end of the lending period.