Library Cards for Children

Hamilton residents of all ages are eligible to obtain a library card at the Circulation Desk.  For a child who has not finished 8th grade or reached 14 years of age, it is the choice of the parent or guardian as to when the child may obtain a library card. The adult must present proof of residency and a picture ID when signing the registration form. The child must be present to obtain a card. If the parent’s or guardian’s card is not in good standing the child will be denied a card until the parent’s or guardian’s account is cleared.

Internet Policy

Please Note:  Parents and other caregivers, not the library staff, are responsible for determining what their child may read, listen to, or view. Internet Use Policy Public access to the Internet is limited to adult users and minors with parental consent only. Library Internet access will be guided by the principles and user rights as delineated in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights in Cyberspace. Electronic information services, and networks provided by the Library will be readily, equally, and equitably accessible to all Library users. Access to information will not be denied or limited because of its controversial…READ MORE

internet safety

Keeping children safe on the Internet is everyone’s job. Parents need to stay in close touch with their kids as they explore the Internet. Teachers need to help students use the Internet appropriately and safely. Community groups, including libraries, after-school programs, and others should help educate the public about safe surfing. Kids and teens need to learn to take responsibility for their own behavior — with guidance from their families and communities. It’s not at all uncommon for kids to know more about the Internet and computers than their parents or teachers. If that’s the case in your home or…READ MORE